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"I'm the best at what I do. But what I do isn't very sensible."

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Me & Books

This page should give you a rough idea of the sort of thing I like to read; mostly, but certainly not entirely, science fiction and fantasy-related stuff. As anyone who's looked at the SF section of any sizeable bookstore will know, there's an awful lot of dross published under this general banner ("Thongaar the Barbarian Meets the Cat-Women of Dimension X" - that sort of thing).

While this is inarguably, and embarrassingly (if you're caught in the SF section) the case, the fact of the matter is that there is decent SF (and fantasy) out there - you just find yourself having to wade through masses of Jeffery Archer and Barbara Cartland-level stuff before you find the occasional gem. Being a thoughtful chap (there are other motivations, which I mention next!), I've included this list of the decent books and authors friends and I have stumbled across over the years - if your tastes are even vaguely similar to mine, or you're fairly open-minded, you should like at least some of these.


The secondary purpose of this page is to try to make a bit of money for myself, via Amazon.co.uk (the people who the little icon on the right belongs to). They have a nice little Partnership Program going, which allows people like me (and normal people, too) to register with them, then set up special links for specific books. If people follow those links, and buy books as a result, the "partner" gets a fraction of the books' sale price.

So, in the unlikely event that you've
  1. Found this site, and
  2. Decided to buy something because of my amazingly persuasive descriptions...

...it would be very nice (for me) if you could order said book through the links this site. That notwithstanding, there are books I describe here that don't have links off them - these are the ones that iBS don't carry, and in these cases you can feel free to get them wherever you find them!Smiley

Now all that's been said, please do start working your way through the author list down the left hand side of this page...